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May 25, 2015


RREGOP 2015                     RREGOP rate 10.5%

newInfo Nego 5/15 RREGOP

RREGOP in brief

RREGOP:Myths and Realities


Application for a Pension Estimate

In May 2015 CARRA will be sending a statement of participation to all active contributors to RREGOP

Guide to Financial Planning for Retirement

Request to buy-back: contact Human Resources Buy-back information CARRA has noted that requests to buy-back are often delayed because of missing information either on Form 727 (participant) or Form 728 ( employer) or because required documentation is missing. Incomplete requests will now be returned to the teacher to be completed and may result in higher costs for the buy-back. Forms 727 and 728 must be sent in the same envelope.

Tariff schedule of certain buy-backs

Application for a Pension Statement New Statements are coming


Integration of RREGOP and QPP

Sample letter for Retirement xxxx Letter: deposit sick days to RRSP

Return to work of a pensioner

Going back to work will not affect your pension. You will receive, and be taxed on, both your pension and your salary.

Note however, that if you return to work in the public sector, you will not participate in a CARRA pension plan.