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April 8, 2015

Maternity Leave

There are several steps with maternity leave. At least 2 weeks before you start your leave, write to the Board requesting the leave. Please see the booklet 'Maternity Leave'. Your maternity leave must include the date of  birth.  The leave starts on a Monday.           
With the Record Of Employment from the Board, apply for the Maternity Leave from the QPIP.

NEW: As of July 26, 2012, teachers who go on salary insurance may ask to have that period not included in calculating their average salary. You must ask to apply article 31.2 when you apply for benefits.

If you extend your maternity leave beyond the leave paid for by the board, you will need to buy-back your pension service when you return to work. See: Request to buy-back pension

Paternity Leave

Maximum 5 working days taken within the period starting with the beginning of the delivery and 15 days following the return home of mother or child.  Paid by the Board.  Has no impact on your "summer pay" 

Paid paternity leave , maximum 5 weeks continuous which must end by the 52nd week of the child’s birth.
Paid by QPIP and the School Board.


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Maternity Leave