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April 23, 2013

The Health & Safety Committee (minimum)

1. School Administrator

2. RTU Delegate

The hit Remember, this was accidental

slip on ice


broken arm

Slip on Stairs

loose papers

Health & Safety

Have you suffered a work-related accident/injury?

Accident: a sudden and unforeseen event, attributable to any cause, which happens to a person, arising out of or in the course of his/her work and resulting in an employment injury to him/her. (Being struck by a student)

Incident: a relatively insignificant event that might have serious consequences. (Being struck by a student)

It is vital to report the accident/incident and see a doctor CSST Record (How to Complete)
See the process described

Should you make the effort to claim?
CSST accepted
a) 100% of salary paid until consolidation
b) Access to medical aid and rehabilitation (physiotherapy, ergotherapy, etc) paid
c) Permanent impairment may be recognized
d) Possibility of relapse - will be covered
e) No sick-leave days are used

Notify the administration about dangerous situations to avoid potential accidents.

Air Quality

Classrooms with windows that open should have the windows opened at least twice a day.

Symptoms of air quality issues would include respiratory problems that disappear during the weekend or holidays and return on your return to school.