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April 23, 2013






I have been told I am school excess. What do I need to do?

I have been told I am potentially Board Excess. What do I need to do?

What is my right of recall?

I would like to transfer to another school. When should I ask?





School Excess. This means that your school has too many teachers in your category and must transfer teachers to another school. The board has prepared a list of all the identified vacant posts and this is posted in your school. Consult this list and using Appendix F notify the board of your preferences. It is not necessary to limit yourself to the posts listed because teachers may also be asking for voluntary transfers at the same time and if a voluntary transfer is granted this will create a vacancy that has not been listed. The board will use these listed prefernces to place excess teachers in their new posts



Potentially Board Excess. There is nothing to be done. These are teachers who may be bumped because they have the lowest seniority in the category if there are no vacant posts for techers who are excess to their schools. You do not need to submit an Appendix F. A teacher who is bumped is either placed in surplus or if they do not have permenance, non-re-engaged and placed back on the priority list.



Right of Recall. A teacher who has been transferred to another school because of excess may transfer back to the original school if a vacancy occurs that they can fill after they have been transferred, but before the first day of classes the following year. This could happen in the case of a retirement or resignation, or a leave being granted. In the same way, if a vacancy occurs, a teacher who has been placed in surplus or non-reengaged will be recalled.



Voluntary Transfer. You may request a voluntary transfer at any time, but the most propitious time is in April when the staffing is taking place. Use Appendix F the second option for voluntary transfer. The request for a voluntary transfer can be refused by the receiving school. The requests are handled at the same time as the school excess transfers. If your requested transfer is granted it is binding.