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October 5, 2015




The Riverside Teachers' Union represents the teachers of the Riverside School Board and is consulted by the Board when they need the opinion of teachers. The purpose of the union is the protection and advancement of the professional, social, and economic welfare of the teachers of the Riverside School Board. We oversee the terms of the collective agreement and ensure the rights of the teachers are respected. Your union dues pay for the office and the salaries of the people working for you to protect your rights and answer your questions.

10 Churchill Suite 201, Greenfield Park

Monday to Friday 8:00 to 5:00

450 465-2523 

fax 450 465 8384

Riverside Teachers' Union

Office Staff

Steven Le Sueur

Steve Le Sueur - President

Adam Velin

Adam Velin- Executive Assistant


Anne St Pierre - Aministrative Assistant


About Us


Steven Le Sueur



Steve Le Sueur, President

  Special Needs  

Veronique Frenette


Steve Le Sueur
Sylvia Hancheruk
Cindy Paluzzi
Ramona Romanuk
Terri Ann Pine Martine Viau (alt)


Veronique Frenette, Chair Tina Giugovaz, Treasurer   Educational Policies  




Steven Le Sueur
Christina Croce
Ramona Romanuk
Veronique Frenette Tina Giugovaz
Terri Ann Pine (alt)

Ramona Romanuk, Secondary Rep

Christina Croce, Primary Rep

Sylvia Hancheruk TerriAnn Pine  

Michael Di Raddo
Mary Eva       Carmen Woolgar


Sylvia Hancheruk, Primary Rep TerriAnn Pine, Secondary Rep